Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Dictionary of Irish Architects – Sources

The principal sources used in the compilation of this database are as follows:

Collections of the Irish Architectural Archive (IAA)
Information sourced directly from original material held by the Irish Architectural Archive, most notably the RIAI Murray drawings collection, the McCurdy & Mitchell drawings collection, the Ashlin & Coleman drawings collection, the W.H. Byrne drawings collection, and the archive of Patterson, Shortall & Kempster, quantity surveyors (PKS).

For terms and condition of access see www.iarc.ie/access.

Jones files
Information gathered by Edwin Jones over a period of eighteen years, during which he worked his way through an enormous quantity of nineteenth and twentieth-century material including The Builder, the Irish Builder, the minutes, journals and year books of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland, the ‘Green Books’ of the Architectural Association of Ireland, the Transactions of the Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland, Wilson's Dublin Directory and Thom's directories. Jones also sought out information from the family members and schools of some twentieth-century architects. The information was transcribed manually or photocopied, then sorted into named and numbered pocket files which were placed on loan in the Irish Architectural Archive by the Jones Family in 1981.

Brendan O'Donoghue (B.O'D.)
Material gathered in the course of research into the county surveyors of Ireland in preparation for Brendan O'Donoghue's The Irish County Surveyors 1834-1944 (Dublin, 2007).

Edward McParland (E.McP.)
Research material relating to the architecture of Ireland from the late seventeenth to the earl nineteenth century collected in preparation for numerous articles and books, most notably James Gandon: Vitruvius Hibernicus (London, 1985), and Public Architecture in Ireland: 1680-1760 (London, 2001).

The Buildings of Ireland architectural guides (B of I)
Information about Irish buildings collected for the Buildings of Ireland series of architectural guides, of which three volumes have been published to date (2008): North West Ulster by Alistair Rowan (London, 1979), North Leinster by Christine Casey and Alistair Rowan (London, 1993), and Dublin by Christine Casey (London, 2005).