Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Surveyor and engineer of Downpatrick, Co. Down. William Bower was a native of Banffshire and a pupil of 'Mr Fleming of Glasgow'. He came to Ireland in 1809 amd settled in Downpatrick, where he married in 1814, Sarah, daughter of John Graham, 'an eminent mathematician of that day, who had been appointed by the Bishop of Down Diocesan schoolmaster, and to whom young Bower, also a mathematician, had been attracted by similarity of tastes and studies.' He was engaged in unsuccessful mining speculations. He died in 1839, leaving a widow and several children, the third of whom was JOHN C. BOWER JOHN C. BOWER , who served his pupilage with his father.


All the information in this entry is from the obituary of John Bower in Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers, Vol. 92 (1887-88), Pt. 2, 379-81.