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Surveyor to Dublin Corporation, 1782-1795. Samuel Byron was admitted to the Dublin Society's school of landscape and ornament in 1768 and to the school of drawing in architecture in 1773, winning a prize the following year.(1) He then served an apprenticeship with BERNARD SCAL BERNARD SCAL É at Mangrove, Essex.(2) In 1779 he returned to Dublin, where he took up residence at 123 Lower Abbey Street, the house in which Scalé had formerly lived.(3) In 1779 he moved to 13 Eustace Street;(4) this was the address from which he showed five works in the Society of Artists in Ireland exhibition in 1780(5) and at which he remained until 1787, when he married Elizabeth Church of Peter Street and moved to 122 St Stephen's Green.(6) He is presumably the 'Samuel Biron' who was admitted a freeman of the Corporation of Dublin in 1780 as a member of the Guild of Stationers.(7) On 18 October 1782 he was appointed city surveyor in succession to THOMAS MATTHEWS THOMAS MATTHEWS , but whereas previous surveyors had held the post for life or until retirement, Byron's appointment was made renewable annually.(8) In August 1783 he presented the Lord Mayor with his survey of Stephen's Green, praised in Faulkner's Dublin Journal of 21 August 1783, as 'the most singular as well as beautiful Production of this Kind that can well be imagined…by a Pencil unknown before in this line'. He held the post of city surveyor until his death, which took place in 1795 at Downpatrick, Co. Down.(9) He was succeeded by DAVID BURLEIGH WORTHINGTON.  DAVID BURLEIGH WORTHINGTON.

Addresses: 123 Lower Abbey Street, 1779-1780;(10) 13 Eustace Street, 1780(11)-1787; 122 St Stephen's Green, 1787(12) until death.(13)



For an account of Byron's life and work see J.H. Andrews, Plantation Acres ((1985), 276-7. For references to Byron in the Dublin Assembly Rolls see Calendar of Ancient Records of Dublin Vol 13 (1907), 297,340,356,388-9,450,505,508-9; Vol. 14 (1909), 40,87,136,177,226-7,297,340,378,429.

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Date: 1794
Nature: Submits plans for same but those of John Trail preferred.
Refs: CARD 14, 346-7; Thomas King Moylan, 'The Little Green', Dublin Historical Record 8 (Jun-Aug 1946), 91