Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect, of Dublin. Stephen Martin Ashlin was born on 20 January 1879 at Midleton, Co. Cork. He was the son of John C. Ashlin of Castleredmond, Co. Cork, and Maria Ashlin (née Lyons)(1) and the nephew of GEORGE COPPINGER ASHLIN GEORGE COPPINGER ASHLIN . After receiving his education in England,(2) he served his articles to George C. Ashlin and became a partner in the practice of ASHLIN & COLEMAN  ASHLIN & COLEMAN in 1911.(3) In 1918-1919, at the close of the First World War, he served in the Army Service Corps .(4) He was a member of Killiney and Ballybrack Urban Council and Dun Laoghaire Borough Council.

In October 1904 Stephen Ashlin married his cousin Miriam, only daughter of George Coppinger Ashlin.(5) The couple had four children: Ivan (d.1908, aged four); Kevin (d. 1919, aged thirteen), Sybil and Stephanie (b.1914). Sybil Ashlin married EAMONN O'BYRNE EAMONN O'BYRNE , city architect of Cork.(6) Stephen Ashlin died at his daughter Stephanie's house in Ballybrack on 5 March 1942, his wife having predeceased him in 1937.(7) Writing as 'Oculus' in the Irish Builder, HARRY ALLBERRY  HARRY ALLBERRY describes him as ' confessedly … less aesthetically minded than his uncle, preferring the more practical side of the firm's activities … not so happy at the drawing board as when inspecting works in progress and … organising office routine and keeping check upon the debits and credits of a variable practice … Of sterling character, whose lightest spoken promise was a never forgotten bond, the soul of generosity and good humour, his friendship…was something greatly to be prized. His most pleasant companionships were secured on the links, for golf was his favourite pastime and his recreational interests were largely centred in the Killiney Golf Club of which he was president and which was founded by his uncle. Here "Sporty Ashlin" was in his element.'

RIAI: elected member 28 May 1903, proposed by G.C. Ashlin and seconded by WILLIAM MANSFIELD MITCHELL  WILLIAM MANSFIELD MITCHELL and ALBERT EDWARD MURRAY ALBERT EDWARD MURRAY ;(8) elected fellow, 1920;(9) member of council 1921-22, 1925, 1933-1934, 1937; hon. treasurer, 1922-24.
AAI: member,1912.(8)



All information in this entry not otherwise accounted for is from the obituaries of Ashlin in IB 84, 14 Mar 1942, 110, and RIAI Year Book (1943 & 1944), 36.

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Date: 1904ca
Nature: House (called after G.C. Ashlin's birthplace) presumably designed by GCA with SMA after latter's marriage to Miriam Ashlin.
Refs: Thom's Directories