Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

English-born engineer, active in England, Scotland, Ireland, France and Spain, for whom see the obituary in Min.Proc.Inst.CE 11 (1851-52), 102-105.  In Ireland he worked with THOMAS RHODES  THOMAS RHODES for the Shannon Commissioners in the early 1840s, a period which is described in his obituary: 'In 1840, he undertook several extensive contracts for the hydraulic works of the Shannon Navigation, under Mr. Rhodes.   The large weir, &c., at Killaloe, the weir and lock at Mellick, the bridge and approaches at Banagher and at Shannon Bridge, the lock and weir at Roorky[Roosky], with the dredging operations and deepening the shallows, were all works of importance, and attended with difficulties in their execution, which demanded all his skill and energy to surmount;  yet so perfectly did he meet the wishes of the Shannon Commissioners, that on completing the contracts, they voluntarily testified, that he was the only contractor from whom they had parted, without litigation of any kind.' As evidence of these good relations,  Mackenzie dedicated two lithograph views of the bridge at Banagher as it appeared in June 1843 and on its inauguration on 12 August 1843 to the Commissioners.(1)


(1) IAA Acc. 2014/46.1.  The views were drawn by Edward Byrne and lithographed by Maclure, Macdonald & Macgregor of Liverpool.