Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect, of 15 Rutland Street, Limerick, who placed an advertisement in the Limerick Chronicle of 28 Jan 1835.(1)  In it he undertook to furnish 'Architectural Designs on the most economical system, with respect to the convenience and elegance of modern life, in the Grecian, Roman, Castle, Gothic and Cottage style (with appropriate scenery)', to modernise old buildings 'without altering the roof ofr ceilings (if in good preservation)' and to supply designs for park gates and lodges and other garden buildings as well as approach roads, rides and walks.  He does not appear in Deane's Limerick Almanack, Directory and Advertiser for 1838, however.   Possibly the same person as James Tobin of Tralee (see JOHN & JAMES TOBIN JAMES TOBIN ).


(1) Information from Frank Keohane, Mar 2010.