Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Engineer of Cork and Adelaide, South Australia.   Charles Townshend Hargrave, one of the sixteen children of ABRAHAM ADDISON HARGRAVE [2]  ABRAHAM ADDISON HARGRAVE [2] and his wife Sarah Deane, was born in Cobh, Co. Cork, on 24 December 1825.  He served a pupillage with his maternal relatives ALEXANDER DEANE [2]  ALEXANDER DEANE [2] and Sir THOMAS DEANE.& THOMAS DEANE.& #160;  After passing the county surveyorship examinations he worked briefly in Ireland.   In 1853 he emigrated to South Australia - according to family tradition he sailed there on his father's racing yacht, the Giaour, with three of his brothers - where he rapidly embarked on a successful career.   In 1855 he was appointed chief surveyor and engineers for railways, and in 1861 suprintending engineer of main roads under the Central Road Board.   In 1889 he was promoted to the position of inspector-general of roads and bridges for South Australia.  He became a prominent figure in tthe public life of Adelaide, where he died on 16 May 1905.  He had married Jessie Morton, from Kent, in 1854, and had eight sons.

Inst.CE:  electied associate, 14 Apr 1863;  transferred to class of member, 4 Feb 1879.


Information in this entry is from the obituary of Hargrave in Min.Proc.Inst.CE 164, 406-7, and from Hector Deane (Nov 2009)..