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Author of Improvements at King William's Town, in the Barony of Duhallow in the County of Cork (1834). After the Crown took possession of a tract of unimproved land in north-west Co. Cork circa 1830,(1) James Weale, a government surveyor, was commissioned by the Commissioners of Woods and Forests to report on the feasibility of the development of the district which would also serve as an example to other landowners. Weale's report covers the laying out of new roads and the establishment of a model village, 'King William's Town' on River Blackwater, which was to include an inn, a school house, a model farm and labourers' dwellings, and proposed that landlords leased land directly to the tenants who farmed it, thus eliminating middle men in tenancy arrangements. A sum of almost £25,000 was appropriated for this purpose, and work on the scheme was started under the superintendence of RICHARD JOHN GRIFFITH RICHARD JOHN GRIFFITH . The new village is described in Samuel Lewis A Topographical dictionary of Ireland (1837), 228.



(1) This land was part of the estates of the O'Keefe family which were foreited to the Crown in 1641 and subsequently occupied by lessees of the Crown.

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Date: 1832ca
Nature: JW reports on feasibility of scheme for developing land acquired by Crown, circa 1830, on the border of Co. Kerry in barony of Duhallow, including the establishment of Kingwilliamstown as a model village. For Commissioners of Woods and Forests.
Refs: [James Weale], Improvements at King William's Town, in the Barony of Duhallow in the County of Cork (London: 1834) (copies at University College, Cork, and Cambridge University Library).

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[weale, James] Improvements at King William's town, in the Barony of Duhallow in the County of Cork. Crown land experimental improvements…for the purpose of encouraging the employment of the labouring poor in similar improvements of the other estates in Ireland 1834 London: House of Commons, 1834. Folio, pp.68.