Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Bricklayer and mason, who appears to have built Mercer's School, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin, in 1744 to a plan by - CUMMIN. A CUMMIN. A fter the trustees of the school had passed Cummin's plan, they 'spoke to' John Tracy, bricklayer, about the building.(1) He is probably the mason and bricklayer who was employed extensively by the Barrack Board between 1753 and 1762 in works at the Dublin Barracks, Dublin Castle, the Poddle Guard House, the Parliament House, the Four Courts, the Powder Magazine and the Deputy Keeper's lodge in Phoenix Park.(2)   After his death, his executors brought a lawsuit against Nathaniel clements over money owed to his estate for work done at the Deputy Keeper's lodge.(3)

Both he and the carpenter JOHN TRACY [2]  JOHN TRACY [2] were subscribers to JOHN AHERON' JOHN AHERON' s A general treatise on architecture, published in Dublin in 1754.


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Date: 1743-45
Nature: Bricklayer for new school designed by - Cummin.
Refs: M. Quane, 'Mercer's School Rathcoole & Castleknock, Co. Dublin', JRSAI 93 (1963), 18