Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Dublin city surveyor, 1795-1801. David Worthington was practising as a land surveyor and measurer in Dublin from 1790 or earlier.(1) He was appointed to the post of city surveyor in in succession to SAMUEL BYRON  SAMUEL BYRON in October 1795(2) and held it until his death in 1801, when he was succeeded by ARTHUR RICHARDS NEVILLE. ARTHUR RICHARDS NEVILLE. (3)

Worthington was presumably a son or close relative of H. Worthington, timber merchant and builder, with whom he shared an address at 81 Rogerson's Quay in 1790. There were Worthingtons in the carpentry trade in Dublin from the beginning of the eighteenth century,(4) and in the latter half of the century two were admitted freemen of the city as members of the Carpenters' Guild by virtue of service: Humphry Worthington in 1774 and David Worthington in 1790.(5)

A Mr Worthington was a subscriber to Thomas Malton's, The Seats and Demesnes of the nobility and gentry of Ireland (Dublin, 1783-1794).

Addresses:(6) 81 Rogerson's Quay, 1790; 25 Townsend Street, 1791-92; 62 Townsend Street, 1793-1801.


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