Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

'Mr. John Wogan, Architect' was one of the subscribers to JOHN AHERON' JOHN AHERON' s A general treatise on architecture, published in Dublin in 1754. He is the only subscriber to be so described. A John Wogan received payments from the Surveyor General for works at the barracks at Cashel, Clomel and Duncannon in October 1753(1) and appears to have been involved in the rebuilding of Cashel cathedral from 1763 onwards; in Faulkner's Dublin Journal for 5-8 February 1763 masons and stonecutters are asked to submit proposals 'to the Rev. Archdeacon Doyle or John Wogan in Cashell'. He may be the Mr 'Howgan' who gave evidence before a committee of the Irish House of Commons in 1767 in connection with Archbishop Michael Cox's petition for a grant towards the completion of the cathedral.(2)


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