Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Engineer to the Grand Canal Company. John Stokes joined the Grand Canal Company in 1804 as a supervisor of works and was promoted acting engineer in 1812 at a salary of £300 per annum. The appointment was confirmed in 1815. Stokes remained in the post until his death in 1843. He had eleven children to support, and made frequent but vain appeals to the Board to increase his salary. Four years after his death, he was succeeded in the post by CHRISTOPHER MULVANY. H CHRISTOPHER MULVANY. H is graphic reports are preserved in the Company's minutes. He was the father of WILLIAM STOKES [2] . WILLIAM STOKES [2] . (1)

A John Stokes was admitted a Freeman of the City of Dublin by virtue of birth as a member of the Carpenters' Guild at Easter, 1795.(1)

Addresses:(2) Circular Road, Camden Street, 1818-1820; Grand Canal House, William Street, 1821-1824.


Information in this entry is from Ruth Delany, The Grand Canal of Ireland (1973), 81-82,178, unless otherwise attributed.

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