Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect, of Belfast. John Hamilton Stevenson, elder son of SAMUEL STEVENSON  SAMUEL STEVENSON and his wife, Mary, née Hamilton, and brother of WILLIAM JAMES HAMILTON STEVENSON WILLIAM JAMES HAMILTON STEVENSON , was born at Whitehouse, Co. Antrim, in 1890. He attended the Belfast Royal Academical Institution and received his architectural training in his father's office. After serving in the First World War both he and his brother William joined their father's practice, which they carried on after his death in 1924 under the name of SAMUEL STEVENSON & SAMUEL STEVENSON & amp; SONS.

John Hamilton Stevenson was an active member of the RSUA, of which he became president in 1939.(1) He represented the society on the council of the RIBA for some time. He was also a member of the Northern Ireland Planning Authority. His extra-professional interests included motoring and yachting. He belonged to a number of clubs: the Ulster Automobile Club, the Royal Automobile Club, the Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club, the Royal Clyde Yacht Club, the Reform Club and the Belfast Rotary Club. He died in October 1950, leaving a widow and daughter.

RIAI: elected member, 1945;(2) elected fellow, 1949.(3)
RIBA: elected licentiate, 3 December 1934, having been proposed by REGINALD SHARMAN WILSHERE REGINALD SHARMAN WILSHERE , ROBERT HANNA GIBSON  ROBERT HANNA GIBSON and THOMAS ROBERT EAGAR THOMAS ROBERT EAGAR ;(4) elected fellow, January(?) 1936, having been proposed by JAMES REID YOUNG JAMES REID YOUNG , Thomas Robert Eagar and JOHN SEEDS. JOHN SEEDS. (5)
RSUA:(6) hon. treasurer, 1935-1937; president, 1939-1943;

Addresses: Work: 83 Royal Avenue, Belfast, for entire career.
Home:  Jordanstown, Co. Antrim, 1911;  Clonvara, Jordanstown, Co. Antrim, 1934-1935.(7)

See WORKS; see also works of SAMUEL STEVENSON  SAMUEL STEVENSON and SAMUEL STEVENSON & SAMUEL STEVENSON & amp; SONS. (For the purposes of this database, all works of the practice up until and including 1923 are listed under SAMUEL STEVENSON SAMUEL STEVENSON , and all works from 1924 onwards - apart from those specifically given to John Hamilton Stevenson - under SAMUEL STEVENSON & SAMUEL STEVENSON & amp; SONS.)


All information in this entry not otherwise accounted for is from the obituaries of Stevenson in IB 92, 28 Oct 1950, 1150,RIAI Year Book(1950) and RSUA Jubilee Yearbook 1951-1952, 59, and from the brief history of the firm in the centenary leaflet Samuel Stevenson and Sons 1886-1986(Architectural Publications, Ltd., Belfast).

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(7) See notes 4 & 5, above.

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Date: 1937
Nature: New hall. Contractor: J.H. Buckley, Belfast.
Refs: IB 79, 25 Dec 1937, 1141

Date: 1939
Nature: Scheme prepared by R.H. Gibson and JHS.
Refs: IB 81, 11 Nov 1939, 921

Date: 1939-1940
Nature: Paying patients' unit. With C.E. Elcock, of Elcock & Sutcliffe, London. Contractor: H. & J. Martin. (George Goligher is credited with this design in the centenary leaflet |Samuel Stevenson and Sons 1886-1986|(Architectural Publications, Ltd., Belfast)..)
Refs: IB 81, 18 Feb,18 Mar 1939, 153,220; 82, 3 Aug 1940, 490; 86, 25 Mar 1944, 126