Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Engineer, of Dublin. William Robert Stephens, who was born on 30 December 1873, appears to have been a son of Thomas W. Stephens, merchant, of 21 Ormond Road, Rathmines, who died while William Robert was still a child.(1) He was educated at the King's Hospital, Dublin, and received private tuition in the sciences before serving a three-year pupilage with FREDERICK PARKER DIXON FREDERICK PARKER DIXON , engineer to Rathmines Urban District Council, from 1891 to 1894. He remained as Dixon's assistant and succeeded him in 1913.(2) He died after a long illness on 17 April 1923(3) to be succeeded in turn by his assistant, WILLIAM HAMILTON LAMBERT.& WILLIAM HAMILTON LAMBERT.& #160;  At the time of the 1911 census, he was unmarried.

ICEI: elected member, 6 December 1911;(4) reads paper, 'The tarring of roads', 3 Jan 1916;(5) council member, 1917-1922;(6) reads paper, 'The Purification of Water', 1921.(7)

Address: 21 Ormond Road, Rathmines, <=1907 until death.(9)



All information in this entry not otherwise attributed is from ICEI Membership Applications, IV, 112 (NLI microfilm Pos. 9386).

(1) Thomas W. Stephens was living at 21 Ormond Rd in 1875 but only a Mrs Stephens was there in 1883; according to www.familysearch.org William Robert Stephens, son of Thomas Stephens and Jane Grendly was born in Dublin on 28 December 1873.
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Author Title Date Details
Stephens, William Robert 'The tarring of roads' 1916 TICEI 42 (1915-16), 58-82.