Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Engineer, of Dublin. George Murray Ross, a son of WILLIAM ROSS [2]  WILLIAM ROSS [2] and a younger brother of WILLIAM ROSS [3] WILLIAM ROSS [3] , was born in Dublin in 1852. He was sent to school at Merchiston Castle, Edinburgh, and studied engineering at Trinity College, Dublin, graduating in 1873.(1) After graduating he joined the staff of the Board of Works as an assistant surveyor.(2) The evidence of the directories suggests that he then worked in his late father's engineering business for some years before closing it down and setting up an independent consultancy at 61 Dawson Street. In 1898 or 1899 he entered into partnership with WILLIAM KAYE-PARRY WILLIAM KAYE-PARRY , who, like himself, had a particular interest in domestic sanitation. The partnership of KAYE-PARRY & KAYE-PARRY & amp; ROSS took a leading part in the Dublin International Exhibition of 1907.

Ross was an active member of the Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland, serving as president for two years from 1909 until 1911; as president he acted as vice-chairman of the Irish Roads Congress which took place in April 1910(3) and delivered a paper on 'Water Supplies for Small Areas' at the Congress of the Royal Institute of Public Health in 1911.(4) During the First World War, in the early summer of 1917, he went to France as senior engineer in charge of a labour battalion for the construction of roads and railways.(5)

Ross died 'rather suddenly' on 26 October 1927 at his home in Dalkey. He had married his wife, Alice Jane, circa 1879, and had two children. His son George Mabyn Ross (1883-1954), after receiving the BAI degree from Trinity College, Dublin, in 1904, and working briefly for Kaye-Parry & Ross, had a distinguished career as an engineer in India.(6)

AAI: elected member, 1897;(7) reads papers on 'Domestic Water Supply', 20 March 1900,(8) and 'Domestic Water supply: Hot Water and Heating Systems', 1 November 1904.(9)
ICEI:(10) elected associate, 18 March 1874; council member, 1900-1907, 1911-until death; vice-president, 1907-1909; president, 1909-11; presented with rose bowl and ring in recognition of his services to the Institute, January 1920.(11)

RIAI: elected member, 6 April 1925, having been proposed by EDWIN BRADBURY  EDWIN BRADBURY and seconded by LUCIUS O'CALLAGHAN  LUCIUS O'CALLAGHAN and HENRY JOHN LYONS. HENRY JOHN LYONS. (12)

Addresses:(13) Work: 91 Abbey Street Middle, 1883-1889; 61 Dawson Street, 1895-1898; 63 Dawson Street, 1899-1906; 48 Kildare Street, 1908 until death.
Home: Ballinagowan House, Rathmines, 1874-1875; Rarc-an-ilan, Dalkey, 1889-1896; 15 Uxbridge Terrace, Rathmines, 1897-1900; Adare, 119 Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, 1907-1918; 29 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, 1922; Summerfield, Dalkey, at time of death.



All information in this entry not otherwise accounted for is from the obituary of Ross in IB 69, 12 Nov 1927, 848, and from Jones's biography which includes information for which he cites no source. A photograph of Ross is in IB 52, 16 Apr 1910, 233; the same photograph appears in IB 53, 2 Sep 1911, 589.

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