Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect, of Derry City. James Robinson, a son of the Rev. W.C. Robinson of Ballykelly, Co. Derry, and a younger brother of MATTHEW ALEXANDER ROBINSON MATTHEW ALEXANDER ROBINSON , was, according to the 1911 census, born in Co. Derry in 1885 or 1886.  In 1909 he set up in practice in Richmond Street, Derry,(1) with JOHN ADAM DAVIDSON  JOHN ADAM DAVIDSON as ROBINSON & ROBINSON & amp; DAVIDSON DAVIDSON . During the First World War, he served as a lieutenant in the Royal Engineers. He died of pneumonia in Derry early in 1924.  At the time of the 1911 census he was unmarried.

RIAI: elected member, 1921.(2)

Address: Work: 3 Richmond Street, Derry.
Home: 6 West End Park, Derry, 1911; Clarence Avenue, Derry, at time of death.



All information in this entry not otherwise accounted for is from the brief obituary of Robinson in IB 66, 9 Feb 1923, 90.

(1) They may have the premises vacated by his brother on his appointment to the city surveyorship of Derry in the same year.
(2) RIAI lists of members.