Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Carpenter and builder, of Dublin.   According to the recollections of his fellow tradesmen, writing in 1834,(1) John Anson had employed four men at premises in Bow Street circa 1800, but his business had declined in 1804 and he had died in 1820 'very poor'. However, his name does not appear in Wilson's Dublin Directory until 1807 with an address at 8 Moore Street.   It  continues to appear until 1826 (which does not necessarily contradict the information that he died in 1820, as Wilson's directories are often considerably out-of-date).   Despite poor business, John Anson subscribed to William Stitt's The Practical Architect's Ready Assistant; or Builder's Complete Companion (Dublin, 1819)

Addresses:  8 Moore Street;  Bow Street.


(1) Royal Irish Academy, Haliday MS 4B 31.