Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect, of Killarney, Co. Kerry. Eugene O'Callaghan was on the first committee of the AAI, formed in May 1872,(1) and was passed for ballot as an associate of the RIAI on 9 October 1877.(2) His address is given as Killarney in the list of persons who attended the conference of Irish architects held in Dublin on 22 January 1878.(3) and more specifically as the District Asylum, Killarney, when he was proposed for membership of the RIAI the following November by GEORGE CARLISLE HENDERSON GEORGE CARLISLE HENDERSON , seconded by ALBERT EDWARD MURRAY  ALBERT EDWARD MURRAY and JAMES HIGGINS OWEN. JAMES HIGGINS OWEN. (4) He was elected a member on 28 November 1878.(5) The fact that his application was supported by Henderson and Murray suggests that he had been working in their office in Dublin while they were in partnership during the 1870s.  His membership was subsequently cancelled because he did not pay his subscription, possbly because he had died.(6)


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