Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Engineer. Alexander Nimmo [2] was the son of John Nimmo, one of the two brothers of ALEXANDER NIMMO [1].& ALEXANDER NIMMO [1].& #160; According to Maria Edgeworth, whose step-brother had been his schoolfellow, Nimmo 'learnt engineering, dyke making and common sense' in Holland.  He joined his uncle's practice in 1828 but in about 1831 went to Canada, where he worked on the Welland canal betweeen Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.   Soon after his uncle's death in 1832 he returned to Ireland, bringing home, in Edgeworth's words,'very little money in his pocket'. Back in Ireland he entered the office of CHARLES VIGNOLES  CHARLES VIGNOLES in Dublin.  He was employed by the Great Central Irish Railway Co. to recommend a route for a new line of railway from Dublin to Longford. His report, dated Mullingar, 12 October 1836, was published in Dublin in the same year.(1) The following year he published another report,  prepared for the committee of the Lough Corrib Improvement Company, in which he proposed a new canal linking Lough Corrrib to the sea.   He died in 1839, aged under forty.


All information in this entry not otherwise accounted for is from Sean de Courcy, 'Alexander Nimmo, engineer: some tentative notes', typescript of paper read to National Library of Ireland Society, Nov 1981, and Noel P. Wilkins, Alexander Nimmo, Master Engineer 1783-1832 (Irish Academic Press, 2009), 336-7. 

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