Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect, of the Penang Straits Settlement, active in the 1880s. William H. Mackenzie served a five-year apprenticeship with ALFRED GRESHAM JONES  ALFRED GRESHAM JONES and was afterwards an assistant in Jones's office.   He was working in the Penang Straits Settlement in 1883 when he was proposed for membership of the RIAI by GEORGE BEATER GEORGE BEATER , seconded by WILLIAM MANSFIED MITCHELL. WILLIAM MANSFIED MITCHELL. (1)   He appears to have been elected, but his membership was cancelled because he did not pay his subscription.(2)


RIAI council meeting minutes, 4 Jun 1883, 228.
(2) IAA, RIAI office archives (Acc. 93/136), membership forms 1878-1909 (extremely fragile).