Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Carpenter and builder, of Dublin. According to a statement by one of his sons, Thomas William Ward, who was born in 1807 and emigrated to the United States in 1828, Henry Ward was born in the 1760s, died in Dublin circa 1847 and had four daughters and four sons by his wife Frances. He was a Protestant.(1)

Ward completed the east side and built the north side of the square known as Botany Bay in Trinity College, Dublin, to designs by RICHARD MORRISON  RICHARD MORRISON between 1813 and 1816, a job which proved far more difficult and expensive than anticipated because of the difficulty in laying secure foundations.(2) Whitelaw, Warburton & Walsh and G.N. Wright credit Ward with the design of the north range as well as its execution.(3)
A Henry Ward was admitted a Freeman of the City of Dublin as a member of the Carpenters' Guild by Grace Especial at Michaelmas 1811.(4)

Addresses: 45 Moore Street, 1803-1814; 47 Moore Street, 1815-1826.


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