Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Dublin city surveyor, 1764-1782. Thomas Matthews (or Mathews) is presumably the person of the same name who was appointed one of the three representatives of the Guild of Carpenters on the Common Council of the City of Dublin on 24 December 1762.(1) On 5 May 1764 he was appointed City Surveyor following the retirement of ROGER KENDRICK. ROGER KENDRICK. (2) In September of the same year he advertised magnets for sale in the Public Gazetteer.(3) He appears to have been the first Dublin city surveyor to compile a book of maps.(4) He held the post until his death in 1782, when he was succeeded by SAMUEL BYRON. SAMUEL BYRON. (5)

Addresses:(6) George's Lane, 1760-65; Eustace Street, 1766-69; Fownes Street, 1770-73; 4 Fownes Street, 1774-77; 5 Gordon's Lane, 1778-82.


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