Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Builder, of Cole Alley, Castle Street, Dublin, listed as such in Wilson's Dublin Directory for 1774. He may be the same person as the Mr Loughlin, 'an eminent carpenter' of Winetavern Street, whose death is recorded in Faulkner's Dublin Journal for 13-15 September 1781.

Various other persons named Laughlin or Loughlin, all members of the Corporation of Bricklayers, became freemen of the city of Dublin: Henry Loughlin at Michaelmas 1792 by Grace Especial; Philip Laughlin at Midsummer 1807 by virtue of service, and Samuel Loughlin by virtue of birth.(1) Samuel Loughlin was a warden of the Corporation of Bricklayers in 1826.(2) A Michael Laughlin was admitted to the Dublin Society's School of Drawing in Architecture on 4 November 1779.(3) The cash book of MICHAEL WILLS  MICHAEL WILLS records payments to a John Loughlin, designated both mason and bricklayer, in 1755 and 1757.(4)


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