Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

County surveyor for Co. Waterford, 1834-1840. According to Andrews, William Johnston was trained by ALEXANDER NIMMO [1]  ALEXANDER NIMMO [1] and was employed by the Bogs Commissioners between 1809 and 1813. In the late 1820s when Nimmo was laying out roads in Connemara, Johnston was his assistant engineer. When this employment came to an end in 1831, he moved in Dublin, possibly in the expectation of doing further work for Nimmo, who died in Dublin in January 1832. In the Morning Register for 14 March 1832, Johnston advertised his readiness to carry out a variety of engineering and land surveying activities. On 17 May 1834 he was appointed the first county surveyor for Co. Waterford. He remained in this post until his death from 'an affection of the heart', which took place suddenly on 27 July 1840 while he was attending a hearing in Kilkenny court house.(1) At the time of his death his salary had been unpaid for eight months.(2) He was succeeded by JOHN WALKER. JOHN WALKER.

Johnston's pupils and assistants included PETER BURTCHAELL.  PETER BURTCHAELL.

ICEI: founder member, 1835.(3)

Addresses: 25 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin, 1832; 16 North Earl Street, 1833


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