Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Engineer. Rowland Allanson-Winn was born in London on 19 January 1855, the only son of the Hon. Rowland Allanson-Winn. He was educated at Westminster and Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating BA in the Mathematical Tripos in 1878. After leaving college he was engaged in educational work and was for two years editor of the Salisbury Journal, Wiltshire. He then spent seven years as secretary to the Conservative MP, Sir Frederick Seager Hunt. From 1892 he was engaged in civil engineering works, first in Kashmir and then in Ireland, where he specialized in coastal erosion and marine engineering generally. In 1906 the Arklow Harbour Commissioners appointed him their chief engineer for extending the south breakwater of the harbour,(1) but his plans were abandoned the following year in favour of a different scheme proposed by JOHN PURSER GRIFFITH. JOHN PURSER GRIFFITH. (2) On the death of his cousin, Charles, 4th Baron Headley, in 1913, Allanson-Winn became 5th Baron Headley and succeeded to the family estates in Co. Kerry. A writer in the Irish Builder describes him as 'a man of many parts, a champion middlewight boxer in his day at Cambridge, a distinguished globe-trotter, an editor and excellent raconteur'.(3)

Allanson-Winn was president of the British Muslim Society and made the pilgrimage to Mecca in 1923. He was married three times. He died in 1935.

ICEI: elected member, 15 May 1901;(4) reads various papers, 1901-1904; awarded Mullins Silver Medals in 1901,1903 for papers, 'The constructive power of the sea' and 'The Youghal Foreshore Protection Works';(5) council member, 1906,1907;(6) no longer listed as member by 1917.

Addresses:(7) 22 South Frederick Street, Dublin, <=1902->=1906; 12-14 College Green, <=1910->=1911 Home: Inseidin, Coliemore Road, Dalkey, 1907; also Glenbeigh, Killarney. See BIBLIOGRAPHY. BIBLIOGRAPHY.


All information in this entry not otherwise accounted for is from Burke's Peerage (1940), 1266, from the brief note on Allanson-Winn in IB 55, 1 Feb 1913, 65, and from a third unidentified source.

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