Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Carpenter, builder and timber merchant, of Dublin, listed as such in Wilson's Dublin Directory from 1809 until 1836. According to his fellow tradesmen, writing in 1834, Daniel Anson had had 'extensive' business, employing ten men and working chiefly for the nobility and gentry; he had made money and retired wealthy. (1)   Anson was a subscriber to William Stitt's The Practical Architect's Ready Assistant; or Builder's Complete Companion (Dublin, 1819).

Addresses: 7 Johnson's Court North, 1809-1811; Great Britain Street, 1814; 1817-1831; 142 Great Britain Street; 1832-1836.


(1) From Wilson's Dublin Directory, 1809-1836.
(2) Royal Irish Academy, Haliday MS 4B 31.