Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Architect and civil engineer. Louis Deane was born on 31 December 1858,(1) a son of THOMAS NEWENHAM DEANE  THOMAS NEWENHAM DEANE and younger brother of THOMAS MANLY DEANE THOMAS MANLY DEANE . He was educated at Cheltenham College and served his apprenticeship with his father. After working from 1876 to 1879(2) in the office of JOHN LANYON  JOHN LANYON in Belfast, in 1883 he was appointed an inspector under the Board of Public Works. Three years later, in 1886, he was appointed an inspector under the Local Government Board, 'an appointment which brought him into contact with all sorts and conditions of persons in many parts of Ireland; his tact, urbanity, and consideration making him persona grata with all those who had professional or official dealings with him'. The duties of an inspector included the holding of public enquiries: Deane was placed in charge of enquiries at Clontarf in 1897,(3) at Mallow and North Wexford in 1900,(4) and at Naas in 1905.(5) In 1910 he succeeded RICHARD O'BRIEN SMYTH  RICHARD O'BRIEN SMYTH as senior inspector of the Board's architects' department.(6)  He died on 23 May 1928 at 76 Merrion Row, Dublin.(7)

Two measured drawings by Deane of Quin Abbey, Co. Clare, are in the collection of the Church of Ireland Training College, Rathmines.

ICEI: elected member 3 April 1889;(8) council member, 1899;(9) elected fellow, 2 May 1911.(10)
RIAI: elected member, April 1883;(11) raised to fellow during session 1915-16;(12) resigned during session 1924-5 and was elected honorary member.(13)
RSAI: elected  fellow, 2 May 1911.(14)

Addresses:(15) Work: Lincoln Place, Dublin, 1889(16)-1907.
Home: Dorset Lodge, Killiney, 1907; 96 Pembroke Road, 1915;  76 Merrion Row at time of death.


All information in this entry not otherwise accounted for is from the biography of Deane in IB 54, 20 Jan 1912, 35. A photograph of Deane is in the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society Journal 21 (Oct-Dec 1915), facing p.185.

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