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George Darley, stonecutter, was born in 1731, the eldest son of ARTHUR DARLEY[1]  ARTHUR DARLEY[1] and elder brother of JOHN DARLEY JOHN DARLEY , HILL DARLEY  HILL DARLEY and ARTHUR DARLEY[2] ARTHUR DARLEY[2] . He married Jane Johnstone in 1755; their daughter Elizabeth, the first of seventeen children, was baptised in St Thomas's church., Dublin, on 13 March 1756.(1) He died in 1813.

It seems likely that George Darley [2] was the same person as the 'George Darley, junior' who appears in Wilson's Dublin Directory between 1770 and 1799, and that he was so called to distinguish him from his slightly older first cousin, GEORGE DARLEY [1] GEORGE DARLEY [1] . George Darley, junior, is listed in Wilson's Dublin Directory for 1770 as a stone-cutter in York Street; by the 1783 edition his address is given as 5 Mercer Street. From circa 1786 until 1799 George and Hill Darley, stone-cutters, are listed at the latter address, though in 1797 and 1798, George Darley, junior, stone-cutter, is also listed at 70 Dorset Street and in 1799 at Drumcondra. George Darley, junior, signed the monument to John Baillie (d. 1787) in Kilkenny Cathedral.(2) George and Hill Darley were responsible for a number of designs for chimneypieces in a collection in the Royal Irish Academy; a bill for an urn and chimneypieces supplied by George and Hill Darley to William Ashford of Sandymount in 1788-9 is included among these drawings.(3) See GEORGE DARLEY[1]  GEORGE DARLEY[1] and HILL DARLEY. HILL DARLEY.


All information in this entry not otherwise accounted for is from the manuscript 'Pedigree charts of the Darley family in Ireland 1700-1926' in the possession of Mrs R.C Lewis-Crosby (1998).

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Date: 1787p
Nature: Memorial to John Baillie (d.1787) signed 'Geo. Darley Jun. Dublin fecit'.
Refs: Homan Potterton, Irish Church Monuments 1570-1880 (UAHS, 1975), 42